The telecommunications industry is historic, large, and complex. The Attain Group (Attain) is comprised of individuals each with many years or decades of experience in this industry. The contracts in which we engage are often complex, involving numerous parties, sub-contractors, and service agreements. With these realities in mind, we recognize that there is inherent in our business the potential for perceived or real conflicts of interest. This Transparency Policy outlines our commitment to our clients and partners to address such conflicts of interest in an open and honest fashion, should they arise or be perceived to arise.

It is Attain's policy to hide nothing of relevance from our clients, and to arrive at service agreements openly and with clear communication of the work involved, the processes used, and the relationships at play. If at any time during the course of a contract Attain becomes aware of the presence of another party, also on contract to the same job, where a conflict of interest may be perceived by the client, we will inform the client of the relevant relationships and will request the client's response. Likewise, if at any time a client becomes aware of a potential conflict of interest involving Attain, we expect that situation to be brought to our attention so that we may investigate and address it openly.

If Attain is asked to assist in the evaluation of bids (pre-contract) and if any third party with a current relationship with Attain is a bidder that must be evaluated, Attain shall take the following course of actions:

  1. Make the client and other partners aware of the current relationship.
  2. Seek guidance from the client regarding conflict of interest.
  3. Step away from the bid evaluation process if the client deems the current relationship to constitute a real or perceived conflict of interest.

If, in the process of writing specifications, Attain is asked to recommend a list of companies for consideration, we will do so based on our past experience with service providers. If Attain or its personnel have specific prior or current personal or financial relationships with any of the companies we recommend, we shall clearly state that information as part of our recommendations.

Where a conflict of interest between parties involved in an ongoing account is perceived by the client to arise, Attain shall take the following actions:

  1. Specific individuals at Attain who may be in conflict of interest within the account shall be removed from any hands-on activities in the account to an oversight role, or shall be replaced by another suitable resource, as deemed appropriate by both Attain and the client.
  2. Should the depth of involvement of the individual be deemed onerous enough that there is serious or ongoing concern over the appearance of conflict of interest, Attain will step away from the contract.