Real Estate Services

We partner with building owners, property and facility managers to maintain a successful balance between fulfilling tenants' telecom needs while protecting the property and existing telecommunications investments.

Comprehensive System Coverage

Only The Attain Group specializes in designing, tendering, overseeing the installation of, managing and maintaining these interconnected infrastructures:

  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • IT & network infrastructure and data centres
  • Wireless networks
  • Audio-visual systems
  • Electronic security systems
  • Building and tenant systems

Capabilities and Services

We can provide either specific skill sets to address niche telecom requirements, or we can be retained to design and project-manage all of a client's communication infrastructure requirements and implementations nationally.

Telecom Property Management

We provide a range of services to landlords and property managers: Attain Infrastructure Management (AIM) Program is a full-service maintenance contract much like what you expect from an elevator or HVAC contractor. Telecom Building Condition Report (TBCR) is a comprehensive telecommunication audit of existing assets, liabilities, license agreements, lifecycle planning requirements and asset evaluations. A Rooftop Audit ensures that wireless and rooftop assets are properly installed, safe, and budgeted for.

Telecom License Agreements

Although it's not rocket science, it does require an expert, up-to-date and experienced eye to interpret and optimize Telecom License Agreements (TLAs). We provide expertise in preparing these agreements between landlords and carriers, as well as reviewing existing agreements and renegotiating them as required. We will tell you if you are receiving market rates for your telecom spaces.

Tenant Technologies

With telecom deregulation, tenant requests for technology and services are now often directed to the property manager. We provide a knowledgeable representative who will ensure that access to telecom rooms and the work performed therein is monitored and performed according to building and fire codes. We can provide a single telecom interface for tenants and vendors alike.

Building Technologies

High-speed networks, wireless networks, audio/visual systems, IT/networking, electronic security systems and other systems can increase the value of property and help to attract and maintain tenants and building users. We partner with building owners and property managers to ensure that these systems are current, reliable, and safely installed. We also help to leverage technologies like wi-fi hotspots and multi-media rooms to improve a building's appeal and competitiveness.

Development Projects

For new construction, tenant retrofits and expansions, The Attain Group provides a complete consulting, design and engineering capability. We ensure that the needs of both property owners and tenants are met, and that new builds adhere to telecom and fire codes.

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