Resolving the Fibre Optic Catch-22

What comes first: the tenant or the fibre optic cabling?

Tenants are starting to request that fibre optic service be present in commercial buildings before they move in. Tenants now realize that if they are the first to request the installation of fibre optic cabling to a building, then they will pay the installation costs, which benefits other tenants in the building at their expense.

Carriers will not install fibre without an order from a tenant; your tenant will not commit to a lease until the service is in the building – leaving you stuck between a rock and a hard place. What do you do?

One solution is to arrange to pay the carrier’s installation fees when the tenant places the order. Be aware that your tenant’s specific fibre optic requirements may not correspond with the easiest and best solution for you or the building. The Attain Group can help you determine which carriers are already nearby, helping you to provide options to your tenants while limiting your financial exposure. With a little help from some forward thinking carriers, we may also be able to obtain budgetary pricing for you.

For more information, please contact Attain’s Real Estate Services Manager, Christine Doyle, at christine.doyle@theattaingroup.com


Algonquin College Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE)

The Attain Group is a member of the Algonquin College Campus Development Consultants led by Griffin Rankin Cook Architects. The role of this team is to provide consulting services and advocate on behalf of Algonquin College on selected development projects.

For the Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE) building, we developed the performance specifications for the tender package, reviewed all the bids for compliance to the performance specifications, and represented Algonquin College’s interest during construction.

Specifically, the areas of expertise we consulted on included:

  • • Telecommunication infrastructure: Voice and data cabling design, telecommunication room design, and server room design.
  • • Multi-media services: Public, meeting room, and classroom audio visual systems.
  • • Emergency services: Emergency broadcast systems, emergency telephones, and infrastructure for security systems.

The Attain Group is proud to be a member of the Griffin Rankin Cook and Algonquin College team and to be associated with this exciting project for Ottawa.

For more information regarding this project and our design and services, please contact The Attain Group’s Vice President, Dave Hanson, at dave.hanson@theattaingroup.com


Did you Know?

Although we think of fibre optic telecommunication as a recent invention, Alexander Graham Bell created the Photophone in 1880, which allowed the transmission of sound on a beam of light.

It was not until the 1970s, when Corning Glass Works refined optical fibre and semiconductor lasers were developed, that fibre optic cabling became a suitable method of transmitting sound over long distances. In 1975, General Telephone and Electronics sent the first live telephone traffic through fibre optics in Long Beach, California. The first transatlantic telephone fibre optic cable went into operation in 1988.

This relatively new method of transmission has played a major role in the advent of the Internet and video and data transmissions.




What's New?

The Attain Group was featured in a CJOH “Tech Now” story that looked at what happens to telecommunication infrastructure when companies relocate, retrofit or close shop.

You can watch the video on YouTube


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