Consulting & Design

Our telecommunication engineers and telecommunication consultants work with building architects, consultants and construction engineers to ensure that communication infrastructure is elegantly designed in to new buildings and retro-fits.

Comprehensive System Coverage

Only The Attain Group specializes in designing, tendering and overseeing the installation of these interconnected infrastructures:

  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • IT, computer rooms, data centres and network infrastructure
  • Wireless networks
  • Audio-visual systems
  • Electronic security systems
  • Building and tenant systems

Capabilities and Services

We partner with architectural and construction engineering teams, to ensure that building designs can adequately accommodate a wide variety of connectivity and communication needs for a diverse array of tenants. This includes:

Technical Audits

Through a technical audit, we reveal a building's opportunities for asset reuse, we view existing agreements with carriers and determine if you are receiving market value rents, violations to telecom or fire codes that need to be addressed, and a gap analysis to assess how best to meet the communication needs of the new owners and tenants. The audit covers inside and outside cable plants, distribution conduits, wireless and rooftop infrastructures, potential cross-system interference, needs, recommendations, budgets and more.

Design Engineering – New Construction & Retro-Fits

We design telecom spaces (inside and outside cable plant), cabling conduits, entranceways, and redundant access. We can also integrate the design of IT networks, wireless networks, audio/visual (multi media centres) and electronic security systems. We ensure adherence to regulations and best practices, that multiple systems do not interfere with each other, and that tenant needs are considered both short- and long-term.

Cable Plant Design - Relocation & New Construction

We help to plan, design, coordinate and project manage cable plant builds, moves and upgrades. We recommend asset re-use where possible, and provide functional requirements, CAD drawings, specifications, bills of materials, scope of work, a 25-year lifecycle plan, RFQs/RFPs, tender management, construction project management and more as required.

Telecom Property Management

In addition to consulting and design, we can also provide long-term management and maintenance of these systems on behalf of building owners.

See our Real Estate Services for details.

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